Green Box Cannabis Testing

One media. One kit. One protocol.

Use the PolySkope Green Box to detect Pathogenic E coli (STEC), and Salmonella spp. with a single multiplex qPCR kit & enrichment media.

$599 / 96 tests E coli + Salmonella spp.

AOAC Approved for food and environmental samples. (AOAC PTM # 041801)

PolySkope One allows you to simplify your microbial contaminant testing for E. coli & Salmonella spp. by switching to a single multiplex qPCR kit & all-in-one enrichment media.

PolySkope One is the first ever AOAC-approved true multiplex test kit & media for the simultaneous detection of any or all common/routine foodborne pathogens including: E. coli O157:H7, Shiga Toxin E. coliSalmonella spp., and Listeria monocytogenes (Listeria spp. target set available). PolySkope is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of pathogen testing using our revolutionary novel enrichment medium (PMEM) combined with tried-and-true qPCR chemistry, a proven commodity in clinical, cannabis, and food safety testing. PolySkope One is a flexible and modular multiplex; routine pathogens are detected individually or simultaneously (user selectable) with one enrichment and protocol.

All other approved pathogen-testing kits require unique and separate enrichment media, different incubation temperatures, and unique plastics & reagents. The PolySkope One multiplex simplifies workflow and reduces the material & non-material cost of testing. This reduces: training, labor, SOP’s & regulatory burden, lab & storage footprint, error rate, plastics, energy consumption, and logistics & inventory complexity.

PolySkope One also reduces the environmental impact of testing significantly by using less media, plastics, water and energy (incubators, reagent cold storage, instrument run, etc.)

  • 100 tests each, Shiga Toxin E. coli & Salmonella (96-well format)
  • PCR Amplification Mix (Master Mix)
  • 100 tests Lysis Buffer
  • Positive and Negative PCR Controls
  • Sold Separately

Some of the advantages of PolySkope One are:

  • High-throughput
  • Low cost
  • Designed with multichannel pipettors & automation in mind
  • Reduced enrichment media purchased, shipped, stored, and used
  • Reduced qPCR kits shipped, stored and used
  • Reduced incubators and incubator space required
  • Reduced labor, prep time and run time
  • Reduced wet lab, equipment and storage footprint
  • Reduced training, protocols, and regulatory burden
  • Reduced environmental impact: less water, plastic, energy consumption
  • Easy to use, robust, and cloud capable platform with remote run control & analysis (ABI QuantStudio5)

Testing Cannabis products for microbial contaminants or microbial impurities, including pathogenic E. coli & Salmonella, is required by state laws where legal in the US. Many states follow the regulations stipulated by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control  (see below).

PolySkope’s preferred platform is Thermo Fisher’s Applied QuantStudio™ 5 . This robust, cloud capable, and high-throughput 96-well instrument is optimized for multiplex performance and reliability, a necessity in cannabis applications.

The QuantStudio™ 5 platform brings additional efficiencies for customers with multiple satellite laboratories, chief among them remote run and data analysis on instruments from any PC, tablet or smart phone. Centralized real-time monitoring and data analysis further simplifies workflow, improves efficiency, and reduces the need to maintain redundant specialized analytical personnel at every facility.

Instrumentation is provided to PolySkope customers, free of charge, with minimum orders. Maintenance and service are provided directly by the manufacturer.

PolySkope One is also available on the Agilent AriaMX and ABI 7500 Fast instruments, please specify a platform when ordering.



Quant Studio 5 brochure: Download

Insist on a Certified method

PolySkope received it’s AOAC PTM certification in April 2018.

The PolySkope One is the first ever AOAC-Approved, USDA listed, true multiplex pathogen detection method for food & environmental samples.  AOAC PTM approval includes extensive independent product testing for: robustness, shelf life, lot-to-lot variability, exclusivity/inclusivity (specificity) across 50-100 strains, and sensitivity across a wide variety of sample types and conditions. Competing microbial contaminant test kits DO NOT MEET THESE STANDARDS.

PolySkope has been internally validated on Cannabis flower, and we welcome additional validation requests.

AOAC PTM Full Study (pdf)


Currently Approved Matrices, as of April 2018

Ready-to-eat (RTE) turkey (25 g)

Baby spinach (25g)

raw ground beef (25g)

Stainless steel (4”x4” sponge)