R & D

PolySkope is owned and managed by scientists dedicated to advancing the state of the art in food, clinical, industrial, and cannabis testing.

We have a wide variety of interests, and our team’s core competency is in developing and commercializing novel molecular diagnostic technologies. We are always eager to collaborate with our colleagues in academia, industry, and government on developing new technologies.

Our founders and staff are scientists from a variety of backgrounds, with proven track records in food safety, academic research, clinical research, and molecular diagnostics. Every member of our research staff has patents in the field; clinical molecular tests they developed are being sold worldwide.

The Polyskope One kit was designed from the beginning as a modular, multiplex RT-PCR reaction to ensure robustness and reliability. Our kit utilizes a set of highly optimized multiplex primers and probes which incorporate Taqman chemistry to ensure reliability and eliminate cross-reactions (false positives) in a range of applications. Our multiplex reaction provides an internal inhibition control which is amplified in parallel to the target DNA to guarantee a reliable result.

Informed by our test-bed ISO 17025 food safety facility in Oklahoma City, Polyskope One was developed with both end-user requirements and preferences in mind. Polyskope One is designed to be a flexible and powerful pathogen detection system. Up to 94 reactions with five pathogenic targets each can be run on the Quantstudio 5 96-well instrument. Additionally, the kit is modular; the end user can choose at the instrument analysis stage to detect a single target or all targets should the need arise. Polyskope One does not have any slow, bottleneck steps (e.g. centrifugation) allowing this assay to be used in any size laboratory. Furthermore, it has been designed from the start to be used in conjunction with multichannel micro-pipettors and automation systems to guarantee the highest-throughput and minimal technician labor.

The ABI QuantStudio platform (by ThermoFisher) serves as the Polyskope One preferred platform. This new instrument is optimized for robustness and reliability for multiplex reactions. The ABI QuantStudio5  platform offers the following benefits: Low Cost, reliability, Cloud and local data storage, and remote analysis and run from any tablet, computer, or phone using the Thermo Fisher Connect app.


PolySkope One and the PolySkope One Green Box are also available for the ABI 7500 Fast and Agilent AriaMX instruments, please specify.